Mar 28, 2015

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello was formed in 1999 in Manhattan, NY. 
Since then it has developed a bit of a cult following because of their Gypsy sound with punk and dub influences. I've known about these guys for a couple years now. 

Ive heard and seen that they put on a great show and I cant wait to hear them perform live at Sasquatch. 
They will be performing on Friday May 22nd at The Gorge Ampitheater.

Enjoy The Music

“I’ve come full circle and I’m comfortable being a total outsider,” says Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hutz, explaining the philosophy behind the band’s new album,Pura Vida Conspiracy. Like everything they’ve ever done, this outing is an uncategorizable blend of international influences, anchored by the gypsy rhythms Hutz grew up with in Ukraine. “Most people are looking for a box to put stuff in,” he says. “I try to avoid it. The message of this record is the quest for self-knowledge beyond borders and nationalities. Every culture is a useful mask, but it is just a mask. To get to know your actual human self, you have to get behind all the masks. With all the time I’ve spent in Latin America, living and loving, I realized I’ll never be Argentinean or Brazilian, just like I’ll never be Ukrainian. If you have true human spirit, you can’t fit into any genre, nationality or culture. To be a true citizen of the world, you can only be an ultimate outsider.” -Sasquatch Music Festival Website

Wonderlust King

Start Wearing Purple

Lost Innocent World

American Wedding

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis' music definitely has gathered more of a female audience but none the less I will enjoy seeing her perform. 

She's recently released her second album titled "The Voyager" after releasing her first album titled "Acid Tongue" in 2008.

She has worked with both Beck and Ryan Adams on this most recent album.

Fun Fact: Both Ryan Adams and Beck have attended the Sasquatch Music Festival.

She will be performing on Sunday, May 24th at The Gorge Ampitheater

Enjoy The Music

Just One of The Guys

She's Not Me

Live Performance of She's Not Me on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Mar 27, 2015

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is an three person electronic group based out of Los Angeles.
 They just released their third full length album titled "Love Death Immortality". 
They have an intense sound like no other group. 
They have both up tempo and off tempo songs and I think it shows an artists ability to perform when they adapt their music into a variety of sound.
They will be performing at Sasquatch on Monday, the last day of the festival

The Glitch Mob at Sasquatch Festival 2015

Enjoy The Music

Fortune Days

We Can Make The World Stop

Can't Kill Us

Drink the Sea Full Album

The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers have been around for awhile, they just released their sixth album to date.  I've known about these guys for awhile, I saw them at Sasquatch a couple years ago. 
They are a Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver BC that formed in 1999. 
The New Pornographers has 7 current members and 2 former.
Their name shouldn't surprise you because their lyrics are very blunt and in your face. 
They have a great sound live and I'm excited to see these guys perform again.

The New Pornographers at Sasquatch Festival 2015

Enjoy the Music

Dancehall Domine


War on the East Coast

The War on Drugs

War on Drugs is a Philadelphia based project by Adam Granduciel.
They are about to release their third album titled "Lost in The Dream" which I have embedded at the bottom of this post to give you all a chance to listen to the full album if you have the time. It is a great piece of work. 
This album has definitely got me excited to see Adam perform live. 
Any of you East Coasters should definitely give this guy a listen, he finds home in the northeast.

The War On Drugs at Sasquatch Festival 2015
Enjoy The Music

Red Eyes

Under The Pressure

Lost in the Dream Full Album

Mar 26, 2015


Odesza is a local Seattle Electronic duo that was formed in 2012. 
They have a special sound, its always abstract but simple. 
With lyrics and vocals to match the duo's intensity.
The tempo and beat are always crucial components of each song's individuality. 
They have some of the catchiest electronic music out right now, and I am proud to say that they are from MY CITY! 

I hope you can experience all the ups and downs Odesza has to show you.

Enjoy The Music

Say My Name

Sun Models

It's Only

And if you're brave.

No. Sleep Mix 0.2
(Hour Long Mix)

Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a Swedish Electronic music band that formed in 1996. 
The band has 4 members. 
They've put out 3 Albums already and are releasing another in May before the Sasquatch Music Festival. Their new album is called "Nabuma Rubberband".

"Nabuma Rubberband gamely wrestles with soul, R&B, and electronic music in a way that feels both rigorously road tested and coolly self-possessed." 
- Interview Magazine

They've toured a lot in Europe and have a huge following across the pond. 
I personally love their sound and I cant wait to see them perform live.
 I've posted my favorite songs by them below.

Enjoy the Music

Pretty Girls


Mar 25, 2015

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
She is very, very good.
 Ive seen her a couple times at Sasquatch and she always puts on a good show. 
Her music has a little bit of an alternative pop feel but she mixes a lot of musical influences into her own music.
Im super excited to see her again this year and to hear her perform this new Self Titled album.
St. Vincent will be performing on the last day of the festival, Sunday.

Enjoy The Music

Digital Witness

Birth in Reverse


Flume is an up and coming electronic artist from Australia. 
He has a real good vibe to his songs. They all have a beat that you can catch yourself nodding to on first listen, and wanting to dance on every listen after. 

Im super excited to see this guy perform live at one of the biggest festivals in the United States. I see good things for this kid, especially if he keeps up with the catchy tunes and the chill vibe.
Flume will be performing on the Friday of the festival.

Enjoy the Music

Lorde- Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Holdin On

Hot Chip

Hot Chip is an electronic band from London. I think they have some of the strangest electronica songs at Sasquatch this year.
 Ive heard a couple of their songs before finding out they would be at the festival this year. 
I definitely will enjoy seeing a group of people that love to make electronica together perform live to thousands of my friends who love electronica. 
Definitely take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments :D

Enjoy The Music

Huarache Lights

Night & Day

Ready for the Floor

And in the spirit of Music Festivals :D

Pitchfork Music Festival FULL SET

Hot Chip at Sasquatch Festival 2015

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters

Robert Plant, if you didnt know, is the lead vocalist for Led Zeppelin. He doesn't only bolt out classics for Zeppelin he has also put out his own fair share of music in the past 40 years. He has had a Solo career for a long time now and I am very pleased to say that I will be seeing him perform live with the Sensational Space Shifters this Memorial Day Weekend at SASQUATCH! Music Festival.

I wish I could go back and see Led Zeppelin in their prime, but at least I'll get to see Robert perform. I can say that even though I am young, I have always enjoyed my parents generation of music. Even my grandparents generation. 
Music is universal.
Enjoy the Music :D


Big Log

The Lemon Song

Full Concert in Brooklyn, NY

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray is an artist that i dont particularly enjoy but she will be attending the festival so I feel obligated to share her music just in case others might enjoy her music the most out of all the talent. Im still going to be listening to her music come Memorial Day, but i hope others will appreciate her music more than I.

Young and Beautiful

Summertime Sadness

Blue Jeans

Man of the Year

Schoolboy Q is one of the better acts that will be performing at SASQUATCH! this year. He;s a hip hop artist from Southern California.
The aspect that makes him different would be his choice in beats. He has a great sound that will definitely make the main hill turn up the night he performs. 
He'll be performing Friday night during the festival.
I hope you enjoy his music and check him out at the SASQUATCH! Music Festival.

Man of the Year

Hell of a Night


and if you enjoy those videos, enjoy this

Oxymoron Full Album

Mar 24, 2015

Gimme Something Good

Ryan Adams has one of those voices that  doesn't need a full band to perform with him. 
He is a one man show. 
He was originally part of a group called Whiskeytown, but after a few years and a few albums he decided to become his own Solo act. 
The Grungy sound he has in some of his songs definitely has attracted me to his music
Fun Fact: He's Married to Mandy Moore

I cant wait for him to perform live :D 
Enjoy the Music :)

Gimme Something Good

Lucky Now

Come Pick Me Up

Greatest Hits (If you're interested)

Check out

Mar 23, 2015

Peanut Butter Vibes

Me and my Girlfriend have known about Glass Animals for awhile, we found them on Pandora when we went on a road trip down the Washington/Oregon Coast. 
I love their trippy vibe mixed with the audacious lyrics.
They are gonna be one of the bigger headliners at SASQUATCH! but they are still fairly unknown because of their alternative sound. 
Anyone who listens to Alternative Music should enjoy their music.



Black Mambo


It just keeps getting better and better

These are the newest musical additions to the lineup for the SASQUATCH! Music Festival. The lineup just keeps getting better and better. If you're located in or near the Pacific Northwest you should definitely check out the rest of the lineup and buy yourself a ticket for yourself and a ticket for a friend and have an adventure this Memorial Day Weekend.

SISTERS - I'm Gonna Make It

Slow Bird - Sea Salt

Unlikely Friends - Live Performance on KEXP

Hunter Hunted - Keep Together

Acapulco Lips - Tonight

I can make the gold turn to rust

TĀLĀ is an artist that I wasnt familiar with until I heard her music on a Youtube Sasquatch 2015 playlist. 
She will be performing on the Saturday of the SASQUATCH! Music Festival.
She definitely has a good vibe and I love the strong eastern influences she inputs in her music. 
She is definitely portraying herself as a strong and confident woman in the electronica world.
The chanting in a couple of her songs blows my mind to no end. 
I cant wait to hear her perform  live and to experience the real sound of her music. 
I hope you guys enjoy TĀLĀ


The Duchess

Everybody's Free

Hiss Golden Messenger

This artist is extremely good if you enjoy a bit of an acoustic feel to every song. I personally cant wait to be right up front to hear this guy use that amazing voice he has. 

Check out Hiss Golden Messenger.

Mahogany Dread

Southern Grammar

Saturday's Song

Full Performance at the Valkhof Music Festival

Pop a nickel in it and it all comes back to me.

Chromeo is one of the more well known artists attending the festival this year. They have some really good songs that are catchy. Lots of music that will make you want to dance ;D


Old 45's

Come Alive

Mar 22, 2015

Modest Mouse has a New Album :D

Modest Mouse has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. This new album has some catchy songs, but I will always remember the years of listening to we were dead before the ship even sank, the moon and the Antarctica, good news for people who love bad news. Im still really excited to see these guys Again- check out these singles from the new album " Strangers to Ourselves"

Lampshades on Fire


The Ground Walks, with time in a Box

The Best Room


The Sasquatch Experience

The most important part about going to a Music Festival is to enjoy every moment. There's always things happening around you whether its the weather, the music, or the people. 

Its so important to allow yourself to LET GO in that sea of energy. 
Don't hold expectations for yourself or anyone around you. Don't hope for something to happen, make it happen. 
If you look up at the night sky and focus on only one star- you'll miss the whole universe shining down on you. 

If it rains, let it rain. Just don't let the dark cloud stay around in your mind. 
Thoughts are more powerful than we can conceive and your very thought process determines your opinion on the world around you.

For certain people who deal with anxiety or depression I would highly suggest taking a trip to a Music Festival with some like-minded friends or family. 
Drink a beer. Smoke a J. Do what you feel comes naturally to you and just take a load off and relax for a weekend. Dont let yourself get too caught up in the rat race.
I'm in no rush to get to the grave, and that's where we're all going anyways. 
You'll find after you relax, and let the universe happen around you, that you better understand your own purpose in your surrounds.

Music festivals are about so much more than just music. They are about the infiniteness in each one of our souls. 
There are limitless ways for us to exist and we DO exist in all those ways. We all know the physical world to be a temporary one, and I know through the use of different frequencies one can experience emotions, epiphanies, and harmony all within your own mind. Its beautiful that the world works this way. 
If you dont believe me- Think of a song that could make you cry. 
Think of a song that could make you angry, or offended.
Think of a song that takes you back to a place where things were easier.
Those emotions are real, and those songs have power within them because you, subconsciously or consciously, gave them the power to serve you in a way.
Whether its to grieve for a loss, mourn for a death, or to take action against something that is supremely wrong in your world.

When you choose to go to a Music Festival you choose to enjoy every moment. 
You choose to see that everything around you does exist and its there for you to enjoy and respect. 
You choose to lay on a hill doing nothing all day while hanging out with your loved ones and listening to some good music.

I hope you relax, and just listen to some music.
Make sure you take advantage of the entire experience that Sasquatch has to offer. Dont miss a moment, Be in the Now and you will always have a good time. Dont latch on to comfortable. Find comfort in any discomfort and anything different. IT will always set you free to experience a new way of living. Embrace Life. Enjoy Laughter, Experience Love.

Mar 21, 2015

and god came down,down,down and said nothing.

I've known about FENCES for awhile now, he performed with Macklemore at the 2011 Sasquatch Festival. He's a local Seattle kid that im excited to see perform as the main act. He has some good jams, catchy tunes, dancy beats :D

Enjoy :D


The Lake

Otherside By Macklemore ft. Fences


My love remains

Ayron Jones and The Way is one of the best bands to come out of Seattle in a long time. I love the Hendrix feel he has in his voice when he goes in. Love this group and i will definitely be seeing them during Memorial Day Weekend. 

Enjoy :D

My Love Remains

Baptized in Muddy Water

Lay Your Body Down

Emma eats bread and butter, like a queen would have ostrich and cobra wine

Ive seen Father John Misty a couple times at Sasquatch! but im super excited for this year cause ive actually listened to his music in preparation for this year's festival. Enjoy his sweet melodies and makes sure to get your Sasquatch Ticket from here- SASQUATCH MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS

Enjoy the Music :D

Chateau Lobby #4

I Love You, Honeybear

Bored In The USA

Dilated Peoples, more like Dilated Pupils.

IF you like some real hip hop/rap you'll love this group. They both spit phat rhymes and their beats take me back to the 90's. Ready to check this group out and hear them live @ Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge over Memorial Day Weekend.
Enjoy the music :D See you in May

Show Me The Way

Good as Gone

Worst Comes to Worst

This Way, ft. Kanye West

Busy Earnin'

I havent heard of this group before seeing them on the announcement for Sasquatch, but they have some real funky jams to dance to. 
If they're coming to The Gorge, they are my friends :D

Busy Earnin'

The Heat




Spoon :D

I'm super excited to hear this band perform live at Sasquatch! ive heard them on the radio for years, but experiencing a band at The Gorge is like nothing else :)
Enjoy! and dont miss out on the Sasquatch Music Festival This year :D

Do You

Inside Out

They Want My Soul

Mar 18, 2015

So ready to get down to this music.

Madeon was recently added to the Sasquatch Lineup and im pumped for that performance. People are gonna go crazy :D Gotta love the classic video for Pop Culture too. Can't wait to dance my ass off.

Pop Culture

Pay No Mind


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Of Monsters and Men

I saw Of Monsters and Men at Sasquatch 2012 and im glad ill have the opportunity to see them again at Sasquatch 2015 :D They have a great edgy vibe, enjoy the music and 
let me know how you like them :D

Little Talks

Dirty Paws

Your Bones

We were bound to the city life.

Milky Chance is definitely one of the bands that im most excited to see this year at Sasquatch. They just have such a great vibe. Every song is chill and will only bring good vibes to everyone around it. I hope you guys will get a chance to check these fellas out :D

Stolen Dance

Flashed Junk Mind

Down by the River

You and I both know the house isnt haunted.

Shakey Graves pairs two great musicians that lend all of their songs their own roughness and melody. Im digging these guys right now, their duets are too good. I hope you enjoy this group, cause i know i will in May ;)

Dearly Departed

Dearly Departed Live

Roll the Bones