Mar 22, 2015

The Sasquatch Experience

The most important part about going to a Music Festival is to enjoy every moment. There's always things happening around you whether its the weather, the music, or the people. 

Its so important to allow yourself to LET GO in that sea of energy. 
Don't hold expectations for yourself or anyone around you. Don't hope for something to happen, make it happen. 
If you look up at the night sky and focus on only one star- you'll miss the whole universe shining down on you. 

If it rains, let it rain. Just don't let the dark cloud stay around in your mind. 
Thoughts are more powerful than we can conceive and your very thought process determines your opinion on the world around you.

For certain people who deal with anxiety or depression I would highly suggest taking a trip to a Music Festival with some like-minded friends or family. 
Drink a beer. Smoke a J. Do what you feel comes naturally to you and just take a load off and relax for a weekend. Dont let yourself get too caught up in the rat race.
I'm in no rush to get to the grave, and that's where we're all going anyways. 
You'll find after you relax, and let the universe happen around you, that you better understand your own purpose in your surrounds.

Music festivals are about so much more than just music. They are about the infiniteness in each one of our souls. 
There are limitless ways for us to exist and we DO exist in all those ways. We all know the physical world to be a temporary one, and I know through the use of different frequencies one can experience emotions, epiphanies, and harmony all within your own mind. Its beautiful that the world works this way. 
If you dont believe me- Think of a song that could make you cry. 
Think of a song that could make you angry, or offended.
Think of a song that takes you back to a place where things were easier.
Those emotions are real, and those songs have power within them because you, subconsciously or consciously, gave them the power to serve you in a way.
Whether its to grieve for a loss, mourn for a death, or to take action against something that is supremely wrong in your world.

When you choose to go to a Music Festival you choose to enjoy every moment. 
You choose to see that everything around you does exist and its there for you to enjoy and respect. 
You choose to lay on a hill doing nothing all day while hanging out with your loved ones and listening to some good music.

I hope you relax, and just listen to some music.